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    Hand Wash with
    All-Natural Cleaners

    We use only the traditional method of washing area rugs by hand with all-natural shampoos and conditioners.

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    *Offer is available to residents of Los Angeles, Orange County, and San Diego. If you live outside of this area, you can mail your rug to us for service.

    100+ Years of
    Family Experience

    Sadiq founded Khyber Pass Gallery in 1980 to share his wealth of knowledge that was passed down to him through 100+ years of family generations.

    Persian Rug Cleaning

    Should I be washing my hand woven or antique area rug?

    Over time, due to their structure and the fibers they are made of, dust becomes embedded in the fibers of a rug. Fringes can become soiled and disheveled, and colors can become dull.

    Hand woven and antique area rugs should be washed at least every three to five years. If your rug is in a high traffic area, you may consider washing it more often than that.

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    How to Lighten Your Home through Fresh and Clean Rugs?

    The smell of clean and fresh rugs radiates your home. You will get a sense of clean and perfect energy which everybody can feel. The investment that you have made in an oriental and decorative rug can be protected by availing regular cleaning and restoration of rugs in California from us.

    We provide expert rug cleaning in California that helps to protect the fibers of your loved rugs. We also ensure that its beauty persists for years to come. The best quality rug cleaning service is the basis of Khyber Pass Gallery in California.

    If you have an Oriental rug that you need to clean with care, get a quality hand wash rugs in California. Our expert’s hand wash rugs with utmost care will help maintain its glow and look by giving it a new grace.

    Advantage of Getting Rug Stain Service in California

    The rugs in your home must be professionally cleaned at least once or twice every year. It depends on the number of footfalls in your house. The benefits of getting rug stain service in California are:

    1. It will extend the life of your rug.
    2. You will get a healthier environment.
    3. Eliminate all the stains on the carpet.
    4. No residues.
    5. Enhances the Overall Appearance of the room.

    Why You Need Professional Antique Rug Wash in California?

    Antique rugs are timeless, very beautiful, and also complement the décor of your house in a very unique manner. But, they are very delicate and expensive flooring choices. If they are not handled with proper care they can get damaged even. Some of the reasons to hire a professional cleaner for antique rug wash in California is given below:

    1. Professional cleaners will use proper techniques to remove the dirt and stains.
    2. You don’t need to fear the color bleeding issues.
    3. They will use a tender method for cleaning.

    Professional Hand-Woven Rug Cleaning Service

    Handwoven rugs are very delicate and soft and the slightest cleaning mistake can severely damage it. It requires a very special cleaning method so that its color does not bleed and its wool maintains grace even after cleaning. Our well trained and specialized experts provide you with handwoven cleaning service in California.

    Trust our experts to protect the beauty and quality of your rugs. Contact us to get the best cleaning and restoration of rugs in California now.

    Rug Cleaning and Stain Removal in California

    Stains are inevitable. It is only human of us to spill a glass of wine, or some curry or animals like dogs and cut accident something or the other. As careful we are, sometimes it is unavoidable. And it’s okay because Khyber Pass Treasures are here to help get the stain removal done professionally.

    You can put all those home remedies aside. Don’t worry anymore as hardly do you require baking powder, vinegar, or lemon juice. They are not always 100% effective as often claimed for them to be effective solutions. But we are here to offer accurate solutions guaranteed for the total solution! We guarantee full rug stain removal service in California, which involves the experts and highly skilled professionals to do the needful.

    What Services Do We Provide?

    We understand the value of a beautiful rug. It can be a painful experience, not able to get out a stain from your appealing Rug. Before any such stains can become a permanent fixture, you can bring them to us. We offer you expert Rug cleaning in California for which involves professionals. They know the perfect chemical balances to remove the stain for good.

    We are experienced and perform handwoven Rug cleaning in California. Our team also provides services for antique rug wash in California. As experts, our team has gained immense stain removal expertise with professional experience in removing even the stubbornest stains. We also do a Persian Afghan Hand wash rug clean in California. So you can rest at ease knowing that your precious Rug is restored to its best state. Our Oriental carpet hand wash clean in California guarantees safe and effective stain removal and cleaning solutions for your satisfaction.

    Why Should You Choose Us?

    You may have tried every home remedy under the sun to no avail. There is a systematic and scientific approach to cleaning and restoration rugs in California, thus ensuring we provide a fast, safe and effective stain removal and cleaning option for you to avail.

    The bonus of having your rugs cleaned by an expert service is this guarantee that your Rug is restored to its original beauty and removing any chance of a permanent stain. We also ensure that your rugs remain clean as well as allergen-free. Our team uses our unique patented cleaning methods which will result in 100% success every single time.

    Contact us today for a consultation and cleaning service. We are the most cost-effective cleaning service provider considering our experts’ experience and our patented cleaning methods.


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