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The Glamorous Charm of the Afghan Original Jewelry: An Insight

The jewelry lovers all over the world have gone crazy about the Afghan original jewelry and Afghan silver jewelry amongst others that offer ample variety nowadays. The Afghan original pieces of jewelry are also known as the Kuchi jewelry thus they remain popular options. The Afghan jewelry is differentiated based on the pieces are made of costly materials or made of beads or imported pieces.

The Afghan traditional jewelry, due to their beautiful and delicate work and designs and highly appealing as well as interesting stone inlays and supreme gorgeousness has become a worldwide craze today. You can also find the best Afghan original jewelry in Californiain Khyber Pass Gallery. Explore the variety of options available beforehand to make your selection.

Buy Antique Jewellery in California

Antique jewelry makes a well-defined statement for classic jewelry designs. It is very trendy and also the most sought after jewelry in the current times. Its rustic and time-worn looks, unique charm with a vintage aura make it fit to be worn with any type of outfit. It also has a unique visible presence and grace that imparts a classic look on any person.

Find Unique Turkman Jewellery in California

Turkman jewelry in the past decades has become the most sought after jewelry. Both the museums and the private collectors wish to add it to their collections.

Some of the unique types of Turkmen jewelry are:

  • Heavy earrings
  • Head Ornaments
  • Finger rings and Bracelets
  • Neck and Breast Jewelry

Get Finest Lapis Lazuli Jewellery in California


Silver gold Turkmen, Qazak jewelry made with Aget, lapis , turkwise and other precious stone for good luck and health, these are the best collectible art in the world


Lapis from Afghanistan is the best in the world number one Lapis was Clio patria stone 2000 Year’s ago stone of royal and stone of heal and beauty and power, stone worn as beads, many different styles of beads strings Woren as a necklace or choker Lapis teaching skin is healing for healing.

Much different healing power if pure lapis stone a piece put a jar of water and set for a bit it makes the water to be pure and mineralized, believes to be good for healing of the body internally

And other we have unique items that produced in our work shop by great afghan attest combined with Italian learned skills. Like watches, flower jar, lapis bowel Coast set

Lapis Cooder table, all to be used in a high way of faction and Devore

Lose lapis cut stone to be seated in jewelers making for ring, necklaces, etc.

Rough stone to cut and polish to be used in jewelry, also we have a rough piece of lapis in polish which can be used in high-end home construction as tile and fireplace as well as creating statue and animals and birds figure.

Discover our spectacular range of well handcrafted Lapis Lazuli jewelry in California. Here you will get the best and natural Lapis Lazuli stones which is a rare gemstone that is usually known for its deep blue and majestic color. It is formed from the metamorphic rock that is found in many locations worldwide.

Whether you want to gift someone or simply want a striking look, you can indulge in the Lapis Lazuli earrings, rings, charms, necklaces, bracelets. The Lapis Lazuli jewelry can be worn on all occasions.

Jewelry defines your personality, style, and aura. So choose from the best Afghan silver jewelry in California and match your outfits with the best Afghan jewelry for your enhanced grace and beauty.


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