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Khyber Pass Gallery has been a trusted resource for the sale and service of hand woven and antique area rugs, kilims, collectible jewelry and art since 1980.

Each one-of-a-kind work of art offered by Khyber Pass Gallery is handmade by highly skilled tribal artisans who still proudly, patiently and expertly employ traditional techniques that are, in many cases, thousands of years old.

Authentic Persian, Afghani, Moroccan and other hand woven and antique rugs and art, handmade textiles, jewelry, clothing, and pottery, are just some of the treasures you will find here.

Hand Woven and Antique Area Rugs

Area rugs include both city rugs and tribal rugs. These rugs feature traditional materials, patterns, and weaves.

Jewelry, Clothing & Collectibles

We offer a rich ancient cultural history and exceptional value to our customers through our merchandise. These ancient arts are becoming rare and hard to find.

Meet the Owner


Sadiq Tawfiq

Born in Herat, and educated at the University of Kabul, Sadiq Tawfiq is an Afghan- American who is grateful for the opportunity he found in America to combine his love of art, history and Afghan culture in a business that benefits both cultures.

A tribal art expert, Tawfiq believes strongly in the power of art to help build bridges of cultural understanding. He regularly lectures at schools and universities and has served as a technical advisor on movies such as Rambo III and Three Kings.

Each and every item found at Khyber Pass Gallery was hand selected and imported by Sadiq himself as he traveled throughout the East and met the artists that lived in the different regions and villages.

"Both my grandfather and father were well-known merchants in Afghanistan. They instilled in me an appreciation our country’s tribal art and, in particular, a deep love for the beautiful rugs that are still hand-woven by families using traditional methods more than 4,000 years old." -Sadiq Tawfiq

Years of Family Experience
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